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Play it Safe
Field Safety

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Obstacles and hazards on and around game and practice fields can lead to serious injuries. 

Take your field inspections seriously! Here is a checklist of just some of the things you should look for on your fields before any play or practice begins. Your own fields may have other dangerous items. 

  • Holes - Fill 'em! 
  • Bumps - Level 'em! 
  • Rocks, debris, trash - Get rid of it! 
  • One Quick Tip: Establish a "police-line" with all the players and volunteers lining up at arm's length and moving forward across the field, picking up any broken bottles, wrappers, rocks, etc. they can find. Do this every time you get to the field and you'll be sure not to have any injuries caused by garbage on the field. 
  • Moveable goals? - Anchor 'em! (See Play It Safe, February Issue
  • Replace net hooks - on those goals with Velcro-like hook-and-loop tape. Metal hooks are dangerous and need to be removed. 
  • Sprinkler heads - Locate your playing area away from permanent sprinklers and landscaping hardware, etc. 
  • Have a designated area for bicycles - Don't let kids park their bikes on the sidelines. 
  • Make bleachers safe - Take care of protruding bolts or any loose or broken boards. 
  • Make sure kids can be seen - Play in well-lighted areas if practicing or playing at night or, if not possible, then make certain kids put reflective tape on their bicycles and clothing. 



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