Information on the Fall 2020 Season

(Last updated on 10/2/20)
The Chappaqua AYSO board is hard at work in order to make the 2020 season a reality. This won’t be soccer as usual, but we believe that working together with our parents we can provide an outlet for our kids to have some fun outdoor activity, and do it in a safe way.  

This page will be updated frequently as we learn more and our plans evolve.  Check back often.

When do we start & end?
Our first week of play will be October 10th.   We’ll play every Saturday through 11/21.  

Where and when will we play?
CCSD has given us permission to play on the Horace Greeley High School (HGHS) fields ONLY beginning 10/5.  For us that means our first Saturday will be 10/10 and ALL age groups will play at HGHS.  

When will we hear from our coach?
Our Division Coordinators are in the process of setting the team rosters now.  You should hear from your coach by 10/5 at the latest.

What special precautions is Chappaqua AYSO taking?  
We will follow and comply with guidance from New York State, Westchester Countythe CDC, AYSO National and the Chappaqua Central School District.   We’ll need strict adherence by parent-volunteers and families. 


      • CCSD guidelines: Athletes must wear acceptable face coverings, unless players are unable to tolerate a face covering during physical activity.

      • If an athlete is unable to tolerate a face covering they will: 

        • remove themselves from practice or game by notifying their coach and/or official. 
        • move to a designated area as denoted by the coach and discontinue participation until such time they can wear a face covering again
      • Each player and coach will be provided with one Chappaqua AYSO mask but can bring and wear their own.

Physical Distancing

      • Practice physical distancing when possible
      • On sidelines each player will have their own area with their bag / water bottle / ball
      • Training sessions will be structured with distancing strategies (see below)

Health Screening

      • Parents will do at-home health checks for themselves and their player prior to coming to the fields. The process will be similar to how the school does it (Google Forms).   Both parent/guardian and player must be symptom-free.
      • Players must bring a signed COVID waiver on their first day

Contact Tracing

      • Coaches will be required to keep and report daily attendance to their Division Coordinator
      • All participants are expected to comply with contact tracing efforts


      • Players should bring their own ball and shouldn’t touch anyone else’s with their hands (It’s soccer!  Use your feet!).  
      • Goal keepers wear keeper gloves.
      • Players don’t touch cones or other equipment, only coaches touch the equipment (cones, goals, etc)

What will it look like on the field?  Will there be competitive games?

What role do the parents play?

  • Parents will play a huge role in 2020-21 season.  We need your help to keep our kids safe and your patience as we all navigate a difficult environment.
  • Parents must complete an online Health Screening Form prior to each day’s soccer.   One form for each person stepping on the field.
  • All parents are expected to follow our guidelines and will help enforce off-field and sideline distancing. 
  • We can’t allow drop-offs.  If your child shows signs of illness or self-reports as not feeling well they will need to leave the field immediately.
  • We need coaches and coordinators.  AYSO is a volunteer organization.  Without our parent volunteers our kids can’t play.  Contact us more more information at or ask any AYSO coach you know.

What if a child (or coach) on my team tests positive for corona virus?
We will follow the state and county protocols for contact tracing and comply with quarantine orders.  

What happens if my team / the division / the whole program gets shut down?  Do we get a refund?  
We are discussing the policy on this now.  As described in our spring 2020 cancellation announcement we have fixed costs that need to be allocated when calculating refunds.  The school charges us for use  of the fields, we have purchased uniforms and masks, we pay for trainers, etc.