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Chappaqua AYSO

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Section 3 - Area 3T - Region 139
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AYSO Hotline is 238-3145 (announcements only)

  • The below information box is updated as quickly as decisions are made after inspecting the fields
  • Unless stated below, all games and practices are on as scheduled and any cancellations will be made at the field by the coaches with Player Safety being the primary factor.
  • Contact the opposing coach for any games scheduled outside Chappaqua or when out of town teams are visiting Chappaqua

on 11/7/2013 at 3:13:27 PM

Contact the Chappaqua Referee Coordinator (Tom Pile) with any Chappaqua game changes or cancellations.

Check here regularly for news regarding the status of games and practices. Information will be posted here when a decision has been made regarding practices or games. Cancellations are delayed as long as possible in order to try to get in as many practices and games as possible.  If you are still in doubt, call the AYSO Hotline at 238-3145, because sometimes decisions are made to cancel when we don't have access to a computer.  Soccer is an all-weather sport; normally, we do not cancel games because of a drizzle. Games are canceled when moderate to heavy rain and/or wet field conditions threatens the safety of players or risks damaging the fields.  Coaches and refs have the final judgment at the field regardless of the information posted on the website and/or Hotline.

In the event of thunder and lightning while on the fields, players and fans should immediately seek shelter in a car or building even if it is not yet raining.  Play may continue at the game official's discretion (referee in U10 and up, Coaches in U5-U8) 10 minutes after the last thunder or lightning if field conditions are safe.  All games and practices delayed due to weather must still end at the time the next teams are due to take the field.

Sometimes practices and games must be cancelled due to field conditions - regardless of the current weather.  Saturated fields can be badly damaged by play.  AYSO does not control when the town and/or schools close their fields.  It is very important to check the website or Hotline after periods of extremely bad weather even if the weather currently fine.