5 Tips for AYSO Coaches

From AYSO’s “Hey Coach!” Newsletter, 8/3/17

  1. Plan ahead. Don’t show up to practice and just “wing it.” Select a coaching plan form your AYSO coaching manual so you know in advance what you want to accomplish with your players.
  2. Always with PIE. Believe in your athletes. By positively encouraging them during training and games, they are more likely to play better, respect you more and have a deeper love for the game!
  3. Environment. Dynamic, age-appropriate, inclusive, fun! Creating the right playing environment for players to express themselves freely, learn from mistakes and perform is what it’s all about. Let the game teach, let the players play!
  4. Never stop learning. You may have played all your life, you may have coached for years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still improve your skills and knowledge of the game. Keep up-to-date on AYSO coaching manuals released in AYSO U, on coaching resources and on the Laws of the Game. Watching professional soccer (and taking notes), playing in adult soccer games and finding a local mentor to help guide you can all help improve your abilities as a coach. Become a life-long soccer learner.
  5. Communicate. Clear, concise, calm, constructive and consistent communication is vital to the success of a coach. Not only to your players on the field, but also to your players’ parents. Keep parents engaged and informed. Remember, involve parents versus isolating them!