What are the dates for AYSO?

In the fall, the AYSO season runs mid-September to mid-November (no soccer over Columbus Day Weekend). In the spring, the AYSO season runs mid-April to mid-June (no soccer on Mother’s Day or over Memorial Day Weekend).

When can my child start playing AYSO?

For the full Fall/Spring seasons, your child must be at least 4 years old by August 1 of the current soccer season in order to play. If your child turns 4 after August 1 but before April 1, you can register for the Spring season.

Are there summer programs?

Yes. Please visit our site for information on non-AYSO programs: Summer Training

What does my registration fee cover?

Aside from having the opportunity to play in the recreational soccer program, each player gets a new uniform and trophy. Pre-school and Kindergarten players also receive a pair of shin guards. Equipment maintenance also takes a large bite out of the registration fees: new nets, goals and soccer balls each year do add up! In addition, part of your fee is paid to the CCSD for field use fees, the AYSO national organization (through which we are insured) and the local-area AYSO organization covering, in part, costs associated with their organizing area-wide games for the upper divisions.

Can I coach my child?

AYSO is always looking for responsible parents to serve as coaches. However, we require our coaches to go through some training. Each coach must take the “Safe Haven” course which provides basic information on how to be a youth sports coach. In addition, each coach must take coaching courses  and become “certified” for the specific age group that he/she wants to coach. The courses are offered by various AYSO Regions (including our own) around the area. We’ll keep you posted on their availability and we’ll even pay the fees associated with the courses. Volunteers that are “Safe Haven” and coaching certified will be given preference for coaching positions over non-certified volunteers. In addition to the certification courses, we offer coaching clinics to help sharpen skills and to even learn a thing or two.

But even if you can not coach, there are other opportunities to help out. (See below.)

How are the kids placed on teams?

At the Kindergarten and 1st grade level, we try to balance the teams so as to have a cross-section of players from each of the 3 elementary schools.

At the end of each Spring, the coaches rate their players. So, at U7 and above, we try to balance the teams based on the ratings. Here too, we try to make sure that the various schools are represented on each team so that your child should see some familiar faces at that first team meeting or practice.

Can I request that my child be placed on a team with another child?

You can make the request but it may not be possible based on the school mix, coach availability, and / or players’ ratings.  For example, we can not place 3 highly talented players together on one team because that would create an imbalance among the teams.

Why is AYSO offering “fall only” registration for some age groups?

Despite our best scheduling efforts, for the Spring season our children are sometimes confronted with conflicts among soccer/baseball/softball/lacrosse practices and games, as well as other activities. To help address the activity overload and field stress for the Spring season, players in the U-10, U-12, U-14, U16 and U19 Programs will have the opportunity to register for both the Fall and Spring seasons, or the Fall only. This will relieve the players and parents from the daunting proposition of juggling their multiple commitments.

Will teams be reformatted in the Spring?

Efforts will be made to retain the same teams in the Spring as in the Fall. However, reduced roster numbers may lead to combined or reconstituted teams.

Why isn’t “fall only” registration available for divisions K, U7 and U8?

The time commitment for K, U7 and U8 is still only 1 day (Saturday) per week for soccer. At the same time, the baseball and softball commitments do not overburden the children at these age groups. (There is no lacrosse for these age groups.) Thus, the time demand does not (yet) warrant the reduced registration.

Where do the referees come from?

In short, they come from you. We always need parents to volunteer to serve as referees. We ask that each team in U8 and up have a parent that can step in and ref a game if a ref is otherwise unavailable. Unfortunately, we have not had a lot of success in having parents step into this role.

We also use middle school and high school students to ref games for U8, U10, U12 and U14. But sometimes, we just do not have enough refs to go around. Hopefully, you can help us out.

How can I learn to be a referee?

At the start of each season, we offer a referee certification course free of charge. Each volunteer that takes the course and passes the test will be certified to ref at the U8 level and will receive a referee’s shirt and whistle. Advanced training to ref at the upper divisions is also available.

Are cleats required?

For all age groups. cleats are recommended but not required.   Cleats must not be sharp (whether metal or plastic).

How do you set the Saturday schedule?

or, “Ugh! Why do we have to play at 9am / 1pm / 4pm?”

Can I do anything else to help out?

Of course you can help. We always need volunteers to help out for various roles like uniform ordering, photo day organization, equipment coordination, and maintaining this website.  Ask any coach or AYSO board member how you can get involved.

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