Laws of the Game changes, Effective August 1, 2019

These changes will go into effect (for us) starting in the Fall of 2019

Summary of Law Changes for AYSO

The main changes: 

•    Goal kicks and Free kicks in the penalty area are in play as soon as kicked and clearly moves (i.e. no longer in play only once it exits the penalty area).
•    Dropped balls are now to a single player with all players from both teams required to be 4.5 yards away—if in the penalty area, the dropped ball always goes to the goalkeeper.
•    Instances where the ball hits the referee will often result in a dropped ball.
•    A big rewrite of Law 12 regarding handball offenses.
•    Yellow and red cards can now be shown to coaches and team officials.
•    Winner of the coin toss can choose to take the kick-off or choose a side. 
•    If a defensive wall has three or more players, opponents must be one yard away. 
•    On a penalty kick, the goalkeeper must have at least one foot on the goal line.  

IFAB 2019 Complete Changes