The Grishman Award

Peter Grishman was a tireless volunteer and active member in Chappaqua’s AYSO program. He was one of those coaches and volunteers who seemed to make time to help out with any task at any time. As a member of the Chappaqua AYSO Board of Directors, Peter served as a vigilant supporter and protector of AYSO’s five core principles known as EBOPS (Everyone plays, Balanced teams, Open registration, Positive coaching and Sportsmanship), ensuring that all kids in Chappaqua had the opportunity to learn, play and enjoy soccer at a high level. Aside from his unending efforts as a coach and Board member, Peter single handedly took over and revamped the referee program, serving as Chappaqua AYSO’s chief referee (reffing two or three games each Sunday), staffing all of the weekend’s games and training new referees. It was Peter who first reached out to the youth of the community, successfully encouraging them to volunteer as referees.

After his untimely death, the Chappaqua AYSO Board created an award in Peter’s honor. Though not necessarily given every year, the intent of the award is to recognize a volunteer who has, over the course of time, demonstrated the dedication to and passion for youth soccer in Chappaqua that Peter Grishman espoused. Fittingly, Peter’s family received the first award for his great contributions to the AYSO program.

We honor those who have received the award:

2018 – Rodrigo Ocejo
2013 – David Perlmutter
2011 – Charles Steinhorn
2010 – Joel Wolf
2009 – Tom Pile
2008 – Dru Welburn
2007 – John Re
2006 – Stuart Berg
2004 – Jane Sheinfeld
2003 – Jay Shapiro
2001 – Steve Adnopoz
2000 – Sam Goldfarb
1999 – John Barnes
1998 – Martin Hewitt
1996 – Paul Gavejian
1994 – Rick Shambroom
1992 – Jairo H. Orjuela
1991 – The Grishman Family

Area 3T – Region 139