Silent Saturday and Sunday May 17,18

Chappaqua AYSO
Silent Saturday/Sunday · May 17/18
At all AYSO soccer games in Chappaqua on May 17 and 18, the AYSO Board requests that there be no comments from the sidelines audible to players or the referee during games.
We are sponsoring this program to allow our players to better develop their game skills by communicating with each other without interference from coaches, parents or other spectators and to learn to make their own decisions in games.
*        *        *        *        *
Players: Have fun and enjoy the opportunity to communicate with your teammates.  Play fairly and show your best sportsmanship.  After the game, let your coach and parents know how you felt about playing on Silent Saturday or Sunday, or send email to
ParentsPlease participate.  Speak only quietly, if at all, to others on the sidelines.  Avoid any comments that could be heard by players for either team or the referee.  We ask for your respect for our efforts.  When a goal is scored, please restrain your reaction to low-key applause.  Please do follow the game closely, think about the effects of what is going on and let us know your thoughts by email to  We need your help to make your child’s soccer experience the best it can be.
*        *        *        *        *
This is a voluntary program and it is up to each of us to make it happen.  We appreciate your giving us the opportunity for a single day to get a new perspective on these games, reflect on our actions and return, perhaps, to contribute in a different, positive way.