Letter in support of the June 14 School and Library bond

To our fellow Chappaqua Central School District residents,

As the leaders of our town’s youth sports organizations, we are writing to you in support of the proposed school and library bond that will be voted upon on June 14 at Horace Greeley High School.

We support the bond proposal because the CCSD Administration, guided by the School Board, with input from others in our community, have put forth a plan to benefit all students through:

The primary component of the bond proposal focuses on academics – the 21st century flexible learning environments across all schools will create spaces to support teaching through active learning practices. These instructional strategies have been demonstrated to have a significant positive effect on student success, better preparing them for post-secondary education and the world at large. Students will have the opportunity to work together in teams, to build self-confidence, to create, and to be challenged and engaged. We encourage you to seek full information on these new spaces at: http://www.ccsd.ws/district.cfm?subpage=2070180

This bond is also about providing our student-athletes with safe fields to play on through improvements at Bell and Seven Bridges and at Horace Greeley. Our sports organizations rely heavily on the CCSD fields, and through the bond, our children will play on fields that our programs have desperately needed for years. Two new lighted synthetic turf fields and improvements to existing grass fields will significantly relieve stress on field availability and overuse, and in one case – field hockey – finally will provide our girls with the surface on which the sport is played universally.

We also applaud the CCSD Administration for proposing improvements to the Chappaqua Library, an asset that provides benefits to everyone in our community, and for comprehensively addressing vital infrastructure needs in our schools.

The bond is being responsibly financed.

We encourage you to vote YES on June 14 at Horace Greeley High School.

Gary Abrams, President, New Castle Youth Basketball Association
Alex Goldstein, President, New Castle Baseball and Softball Association Christy Hill, Vice President, Greeley Sports Boosters
Bill Hriskonich, President, Greeley Youth Football Association
Matt Laurence, President, New Castle Ice Hockey Association
Suzanne Lodge, President, Greeley Youth Lacrosse
Charlie Steinhorn, President, New Castle Field Hockey Association Jonathan Taub, Commissioner, Chappaqua AYSO
Jeff Tochner, David Stern, Directors, Chappaqua Youth Soccer Club