Chappaqua AYSO Newsletter and Photos

It is time for you and your kids to get creative in writing and photography!
We are working on a Chappaqua AYSO Newsletter and a corresponding Photo Album which will be available for all of us at the end of the season.
Send your best soccer photos of the season to
And if your literary vein is sinking in, we would love you to write an article on a soccer related issue, some ideas below:
- Ask your kids to write a positive experience they had playing AYSO.

- Send us great quotes that you have heard on the fields.

- Did your kids' coaches ever said something that really made you think or laugh? Let us know.

- Tell us a story about something you have learned by following professional soccer.

- Tell us about something that impressed you recently in any top-flight league in the world.

- Can you share with us a learning experience for your kids while by playing AYSO this past year?

- We want to hear that great story about some unexpected success achieved by your kids' teams.

- Any other interesting soccer experience.

Please email all photos and articles to NO LATER THAN JUNE 13.
We will edit all the material after this date to prepare the Newsletter & Photo Album.
Volunteer your talent for Chappaqua AYSO!